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Photonic biosensors offer a myriad of benefits, revolutionizing the field of biological sensing and analysis.


High Sensitivity & Specificity


Label-Free Detection

Photonic biosensors offer both high sensitivity and specificity, enabling the accurate detection of even trace amounts of target molecules. Their sensitivity allows for precise analysis of low-concentration samples, while their specificity ensures reliable and selective binding to the desired biomarkers or analytes. This powerful combination of sensitivity and specificity makes photonic biosensors invaluable for various applications, from medical diagnostics to environmental monitoring.


Multiplexing Capability

Photonic biosensors possess a valuable multiplexing capability, enabling simultaneous testing of multiple substances or analytes. This capability allows researchers and analysts to detect and analyze different targets in a single measurement, saving time and resources. By eliminating the need for separate tests for each substance, photonic biosensors enhance efficiency and throughput. This multiplexing capability is particularly advantageous in applications where the detection of multiple targets is required, such as multiplexed medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, or drug discovery. With the ability to assess multiple analytes concurrently, photonic biosensors provide a powerful tool for comprehensive and efficient analysis in various fields.

Photonic biosensors offer the advantage of label-free detection, allowing for direct and simplified analysis of target molecules without the need for additional labeling steps. This streamlines the detection process, enhances efficiency, and preserves the integrity of the target molecules, making them well-suited for applications requiring speed, accuracy, and simplicity


Portable & Point-of-Care Use

Photonic biosensors are portable and well-suited for point-of-care use. Their compact design enables on-site analysis, eliminating the need for sample transportation. This portability allows for immediate results and faster decision-making, making them valuable tools in remote or resource-limited settings. Healthcare professionals can perform diagnostic tests directly at the point of care, facilitating timely interventions and personalized treatments. Additionally, portable photonic biosensors find applications in environmental monitoring and food safety testing, bringing advanced sensing technology to the field.

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